I was born April 18, 1985 in Regina, Saskatchewan. I moved to Saskatoon, where I grew up and where I attended elementary and high school. After completing grade 12, and a year off, I moved to Lethbridge Alberta to work and attend university. I did my undergraduate work at the University of Lethbridge in Lethbridge, Alberta. I received a Multidisciplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in New Media and Art in spring 2009. After university I began working for Scientia Productions, a company based out of the U of L Geography department. I worked there as a production/research assistant where my job description included videographer, editing, storyboard artist, special effects/animator, researcher, and some public relations.

In fall 2009 I became a proud father. My son’s name is Liam. I also have an awesome stepson, Samson, and a wonderful partner-in-crime named Heather. They are my life and provide me with endless inspiration.

My love of nature and ecology almost parallels my love of art. In the summer after grade five, my father took me across western Canada studying ornithology. My parents have always supported my love of the arts; I enjoy working on theatrical productions, whether writing them, performing, set design, or my favorite element: make-up and FX design. I love music and have developed a very eclectic taste. I play the drums and other percussion, as well as sing. I am also smitten with any sport that involves a board.

I currently tattoo out of my very own shop, Nectar – Fine Tattooing & Art Collective. The shop is located at #3-329 5 ST South in Lethbridge, Alberta. I completed my apprenticeship in October 2011, at Jack of Hearts Tattooing. I have loved tattoos since I was twelve years old and have enjoyed being tattooed since I was 16. My interest in art has lead me to tattooing, as I find it is, the single-most rewarding, challenging, and evolving artistic endeavors I have ever been a part of. It is truly an art that one can learn everyday at its practice and I am honored to be a representative of its unique and endless applications as a living and breathing form of art.